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The SPL Anatomy database splanat–0.5–3.0.sqlite3 is a sqlite database representing relationships extracted from the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) 3.0 ontology from the Structural Informatics Group at the University of Washington. Any distribution of this work must continue to cite and credit the FMA and the Structural Informatics Group at the University of Washington under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY) license. In the spirit of the original work (FMA), the SPL Anatomy database splanat–0.5–3.0.sqlite3 is also distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Unported License (CC BY) license.

The SPL Anatomy database is part of the Computational Clinical Anatomy Core of the Neuroimage Analysis Center (NAC), an NIBIB National Resource Center, Grant P41 EB015902.

This is a derivative of the FMA, limited to a subset of concepts and terms that are needed to support a search based paradigm to control the visualization of segmented and labeled anatomy. The information extracted from the FMA has been augmented with select “functional system” terms. The ontology is represented as a triple store <Subject, Predicate, Object>.

This database can be used by the Faceted Visualizer Extension to the 3D Slicer Version 4.

Please direct inquiries on this version or later versions of this database to Michael Halle (mhalle -at-





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