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this shows the fiducial landmarks selected for the CT scan. An analogous list for the MRI scan is generated and then used for registration.[br] ;2. CT landmarks ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View ;this shows the original MR and CT images in their original unregistered orientation. Note that the CT image is acquired in a very oblique orientation common to intraoperative scans. We will register te MR scan into the same orientation using pairs of fiducials (anatomical landmarks)[br] ;1. unregistered ;this shows the MRI aligned with the CT using the transform calculated from fiducial alignment. Note how the individual pairs of landmarks are now in close proximity. ;4. registered ;this shows the analogous set of MRI landmarks. Note that the two lists must match in the order in which the fiducials are listed. The registration method assumes that corresponding pairs appear in the same place in the list. ;3. MRI landmarks ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View_4 ;





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