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This shows the original two image sets before registration. The baseline (preRx) image is shown with a green colormap for better distinction. We will crop the left side and register with a sequence of rigid, affine and BSpline registrations. For detailed instructions/tutorial see ;1. Original unregistered ;This shows the bias field correction as color overlay on the corrected image. Color indicates the amount of correction applied, making the image brighter or darker as needed to obtain a more uniform intensity across the entire image. ;3. Biasfield ;This shows the postRx volume after additional BSpline registration, which allowed for regional deformation to compensate for the difference in tissue deformation between the two acquisitions. Note that since the tumor area was masked out, the registration did not attempt to correct for the differences there. ;5. BSpline Registration ;This shows the postRx volume after affine registration to the baseline volume (shown in green). Note that some residual misalignment remains due to the soft tissue deformation between acquisitions. We will attempt to correct for that with an additional non-rigid BSpline registration. ;4. Affine Registration ;This shows the PreRx left side before and after intensity inhomogeneity (Bias) correction with the N4 Slicer module. Fade between foreground and background to see the difference. Note that the high-intensity regions have been softened and the corrected image has now a uniform brightness across the volume. ;2. Bias Correction ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View_3 ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View ;





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