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This shows the baseline and follow-up PD scan before registration. The baseline e1_PD is colored green for better distinction. You can change the colormap in the Display tab of the Volumes module.[br]So we have a hierarchy of transforms: the intra- and inter-exam transforms. We will take advantage of Slicer's ability to nest transforms to avoid both repeated registrations and unnecessary reampling. ;2. unregistered INTER-exam ;This shows the PD and contrast T1-Gd image of the same exam. Note that while the PD and T2 are intrinsically registered (being acquired simultaneously), the PD and T1-Gd images are not registered due to patient movement between acquisitions. ;2. unregistered: INTRA-exam ;This shows the dual echo PD/T2 image pair of the first exam. Since this pair is acquired simultaneously they are already registered to eachother. Hence the only two alignments we must make is 1) the T1-Gd contrast to the PD and 2) the second exam PD2 to baseline PD1.[br] ;1. dual echo scan ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Master Scene View ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View ;





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