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Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View ;The shows the two volumes as acquired before cropping and registration. We will register the PostRx to the PreRx ;0. original ;This shows the two volumes after cropping the (anatomical) left and subsampling to a lower resolution (for faster performance). ;1. unregistered post-crop ;This shows the cropped left volume after bias (intensity inhomogeneity) correction. This correction is necessary to fix strong local differences in image brightness that are artifactual and would affect the registration. The biasfield (in color) is shown for illustration and is not needed for further processing, but it shows where corrections were applied. ;2. BiasCorrection ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View_2 ;This shows the result of the affine + BSpline registration. Note how the masks excluded the tumor area from contributing to the calculation of the registration transform. The tumor area passively deformed along with the surounding area, but did not actively participate in finding the registration.[br] ;5. registered ;





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