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This shows the result of the Bias correction step. Some of the strong intensity variation (from surface coil sensitivity) has been corrected. The remaining amount will be cropped away later, so we do not seek a more aggressive correction at this point.[br] ;2. Bias Corection ;This shows the baseline (day1) and follow-up (day42) scan in original orientation. We will register the follow-up to the baseline, using a succession of affine and BSpline transforms. We will use the axial scan. Because we have structures extending beyond the image FOV and strong differences in image resolution, we will also apply cropping and masking to focus the registration on the region of interest.[br] ;1. original ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View_1 ;This shows the result of global nonrigid (BSpline) registration. We have good overall alignment, but still significant differences in the prostate. We will seek a further refinement by cropping and masking.[br] ;3. Registered (global) ;This shows the result of the masked registration. Using a larger BSpline grid in combination with the masks allowed a further refinement of the match.[br] ;4. Registered: masked ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View ;





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