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This shows the original unregistered positions of the CT and MRI. CT is colored green for better distinction (to change select CT in Volume module and switch colormap in the Display Tab).[br] ;Start: original unregistered CT and MRI ;This shows the registered MRI image with a rainbow colormap superimposed onto the CT. The additional structural detail not visible on the CT now is readily apparent from the co-registered MRI. ;Final: MRI coregistered with CT (pseudocolor) ;This shows the MRI mask used for registration. Switch labelmap display channel to see CT mask. Masking is critical for this case to obtain a successful registration. Also masking the liver alone leads to a suboptimal alignment. Hence the mask provided here that includes additional abdominal structures and vasculature. The masks are used for both Affine and Rigid registration of the MRI to the CT. ;Masks ;Scene at MRML file save point ;Slicer Data Bundle Scene View_2 ;This shows the MRI (green) after linear affine registration to the CT. A mask for both datasets was used to guide the registration to the relevant image content. The mask centroids also provided a starting position for the registration, which is sensitive to lacking overlap due to strong initial misalignment. ;Affine Result: MRI registered to CT with a linear affine transform ;





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